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QtQuick Project exe in release mode issue.

  • I have worked with VC++ project during my past days. Whenever the project is build in release mode or debug mode, the exe runs itself without any additional dependencies. We just have to click on the exe, and the project runs.

    But this is not working in QML project. I have both debug & release desktop versions of project, but they are not running on clicking the exe.
    Do we need some additional component to make a sort of wrapper for exe to make it run.

    How can I deploy my simple Qt project? Is there an another step to deploy it?

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    The information you have provided is not sufficient. Do you get any errors when attempting to run the QML application?

    In general, on Windows, you need to ship your product together with Qt dlls. For most apps those would include QtCore, QtGui, QtDeclarative and QtScript (this list is for Qt4. Qt5 is different here) + all other modules you are using (QtXml, for example).

    Then, QML code is usually loaded by a relative path, so you need to make sure this path remains valid for your deployed application. An alternative is to use QRC (Qt resources) and thus compile the code into the binary.

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