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How to do Git Merge or rebase

  • Hi,

    QtCreator 2.4 question (linux 64 OS):

    Is there a way I can do Git merge (merge one branch in another one)
    or rebase (if I have one branch based on master and I do git pull, can I rebase it to be on master head)

    It can be done in linux terminal, but can they be done from the gui?


  • Moderators

    We do not yet have a UI to handle merge conflicts yet. So no, this can not be done via the UI at this time. Patches are welcome and somebody is working on a diff plugin for 2.7, so that we will have the necessary infrastructure to plug into to do this.

  • Thank you for your answer.

  • So, is the newest Qt Creator now support git merge in that's GUI? Thank you.

  • Moderators

    Yeap, Qt Creator 3.0 will include better support for that. I have to admit that I never tested this myself though:-)

  • merge and rebase can be done from branches dialog. In case conflicts appear QtCreator allows auto opening of mergetool, and after all conflicts are done user is prompted to continue.

    also, in case merge or rebase is in progress in repository, it is possible to run merge tool, continue or abort from tools menu.

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