[SOLVED].exe from "Release" directory don't work correctly

  • Hello.

    I am trying to save frames from a webcam to an .avi file using OpenCv (I have integrated OpenCv with Qt Creator 2.4.1). When i open the project and i run it from Qt Creator, the .avi file is created and i can open the .avi file with a video player (like vlc).

    But when i am running the .exe from Release directory, the .avi file is created, but the file is empty (it shows 0kB).

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    Make sure your environment is set up properly on the command line. Creator uses the system environment by default, but it changes a few things (mostly related to finding libraries, etc.) to make the the project work based on your settings.

    Check the environment Creator uses to run your application in Project->...->Run Settings->Environment (don't remember the exact path and am just rebuilding Qt/Qt Creator, so I can't look right now, sorry).

  • Just copied the .dll libraries (all of them) from OpenCv to Release directory. Now i should find exactly what libraries are needed for the application to work.

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