QtMediaHub on Ubuntu 11.04 / Natty

  • Hi,

    Hope someone can help me figure out this bit. I’d download the code for QtMediaHub and with very little difficultly got it to compile. I’m having a hassle when I run it though
    @$ ./qtmediahub-launcher
    Using the application specified dejavu font
    Available skins: "orca,delphin,rapid,matinee,confluence,minimal,shroomfluence"
    Attempting to use: "confluence" skin
    Streaming server listening "" on 1337
    Could not load keymap: "/home/andries/src/git/qtmediahub/qtmediahub-core/hub/bin/../keymaps//stdkeyboard"
    Try to load keymap "stdkeyboard" from keymap path "/home/andries/src/git/qtmediahub/qtmediahub-core/hub/bin/..//share/qtmediahub/keymaps/"
    Using keymap "/home/andries/src/git/qtmediahub/qtmediahub-core/hub/bin/..//share/qtmediahub/keymaps//stdkeyboard"
    file:///home/andries/src/git/qtmediahub/skins//confluence/r720/main.qml:39:1: module "QtQuick" version 1.1 is not installed
    import QtQuick 1.1
    Abandoning skin due to errors; time to fallback baby

    I’m not sure the keyboard thing is anything to sweat about too much, but not finding QtQuick is the puzzling bit. I can’t figure out what package(s) I’m missing that contain QtQuick…searching the Ubuntu package archive didn’t bring any enlightenment either. I’m guessing QtQuick should be in /usr/lib/qt4/imports . I’d hoped it was part of libqt4-declarative, but no such luck.

    Any help much appreciated,

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