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Antialiasing with QtQuick 2.0 and canvas

  • When drawing with Canvas, lines and text isn't being rendered with antialiasing. I've added the "smooth: true" and "antialiasing: true" properties to the canvas item but no luck. Anyone else having this issue? None of the canvas examples in qt-declarative (quick 2.0) render with antialiasing either.

  • What system are you running? I have this problem on an ubuntu vm and debian on Raspberry Pi. On OSX however, it works fine. Anti-aliasing in Canvas isn't actually handled by the canvas or Qt renderer, it's handled by the system graphics. I think the problem is likely on the Qt side though, as web pages with canvas are rendered correctly.

  • Ubuntu 12.04/64bit. The issue could be my cheap intel graphics media accelerator. Every qt opengl demo I run seems to have poor/none antialiasing. However, I also have the same issue on my desktop running an nvidia graphics card so who knows. Is there any way I can force software rendering with QtQuick 2.0 and canvas?

  • Not that I know of, but if you find out how, let me know. :)

  • I have the same problem.
    How to enable antialiasing with Canvas?

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