List of tranlatros in QApplication

  • How to get full list of installed translator in my application ?

  • QCoreApplication has two static method to install and remove tranlator, but how to get a full list of installed ?

  • There's no way to get these. What you are trying to do?

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    I don't believe there is a method to fetch that data. You might have to keep track of it yourself as you add/remove them.

  • Yes, keeping track of them is the solution, but I suppose fetching the currently installed ones without having any manually installed translators could be the case as well.

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    Keeping track of them yourself would be the easiest thing. Otherwise you have to dig down into the internals of QCoreApplication/QCoreApplicationPrivate where the translators list is deeply hidden.

    (The sources are there to view, if you are curious, though.)

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