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Odd behaviour of my dialog.

  • Hi All,

    Here again with my troubles.....

    This time I'm having an issue with the resizing of a dialog window. I made it setting the policy on fixed style with width and height fixed. I set the layoutSizeConstraint on QLayout::SetFixedSize. And it was running properly.
    Now I have to resize the size of the window because I need to add some controls and objects, using the design tool on Qt I've changed the width and the height of the window and I have kept the previous values on policy and layoutSizeConstraint. On the design of Qt everything appears properly. So, here the issue, when I run the window it sets on its own its previous size. To get the right size of the window I have to change the LayoutSizeConstraint on QLayout::SetDefaultConstraint, but like this the window becomes resizable (and I would like to avoid this behavior) Why am i having this strange behaviour?

    I hope the issue is clear....

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