Class vtkCocoa... is implemented in both ...

  • Hi guys,

    Another problem. Now I get the following errors when I try to run my project:

    objc[24314]: Class vtkCocoaTimer is implemented in both /Users/.../program and /Users/.../libProgramVisualizationPlugin.dylib. One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined.

    etc etc.

    Any ideas?

  • From your post I would say you have two implementations of vtkCocoaTimer. One in /Users/…/program and one in /Users/…/libProgramVisualizationPlugin.dylib

    Any further informations?

  • hmm, how can I have that? the project is like a plugin system, meaning program runs, and then loads the Plugin.dylib.

  • Probably you should post vtk related topics at the vtk mailingslist.

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