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[Solved] Designer driving me nuts .. simple design wanted

  • Hi

    I need to have a very simple screen with a backgroundimage all over it and six big, transparent buttons on it that change the graphic on it either when pressed&hold or when they get tabfocus.

    Can this not be realized in designer?
    Do I need to write that in code manually?

    I searched the forum and found astonishingly many entries on issues with bachground images as well as changing graphics on transparent button - seems not to be the most obvious when new to Qt and trying to work in Designer. I tried a lot of what I found ... I just don't get behind the Qt logic and how to realize this.

    If somebody can help me with that ... I would highly appreciate.

    btw: I can not use QML because I am on 4.6.3 (eLinux) and can't change that for the moment.

  • You can use the designer to design your ui. There are some simplifications that you can connect predefined signals and slots.
    What you want to have is program logic and the designer is not able to help you with this because it is not made for that.

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