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  • In order to produce mpeg files Which are the ways? Implement Ffmpeg and then...?

  • There is 3 simple steps to so this:

    1. Implement ffmpeg
    2. produce mpeg
    3. profit

    If you need some help or deeper information, please be patient and give us a lot more information about your problem, or wait for a clairvoyant ....

  • I have implemented the ffmpeg libraries in order to produce mpeg file and to stream live throws network but I'm not happy. I memory leaks, in some cases I ca'n produre ogg or other formats... I have much delay on live... Somebody knows that exists other libraries?

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    You can try libVLC.

    Are the memory leaks from FFMPEG, or from your program? How did you check?

  • [quote author="JKSH" date="1350344807"]You can try libVLC.[/quote]

    Wow! I didn't knew that this library exists.

    [quote author="JKSH" date="1350344807"]Are the memory leaks from FFMPEG, or from your program? How did you check?[/quote]

    It's a very good question! Using valgrind I haven't found memory leaks. The application is active 24h and creates a new mpg file every 2 minutes. In this contest I see that the required memory goes to increment.
    The problem is that I haven't find an official way to implement libav libraries. Now I have the doubt that my ffmpeg implementation is not correct or ffmpeg (libav) is not perfect.

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