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Xml query!

  • I need to form a query containg both variable and method. I tried to do it but ended up in cardinality error. I dont have any idea on why is it showing such an error. THe xml code is as follows:


    <VARIABLE Name="Info" Type="eSTRING" Default="Info" Min="0" Max="0" AccMode="RW" AccLevel="USER" Storage="User">
    <UI Group="Variable" Widget="xxx">

    <METHOD Name="user_login" AccLevel="ALL">
    <PARAM Name="PWHash" Type="eINT32"/>
    <UI Group="Group1" Widget="MethodWidget">

    The Qml query I gave is :

    query: "/CI"
    XmlRole { name: "Name1"; query: "VARIABLE/@Name/string()" }

        XmlRole { name: "Name"; query: "METHOD/@Name/string()" }


    Any suggestion on how this could be improved.

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