I18n (Linux): Full Qt update has broken support for several languages

  • Hi there,

    up to now, I've always stuck to the very stable Qt 4.6.3 because I simply needed nothing newer. Now I have an application (binary-only) which definitely needs Qt >=4.7.4.
    Which is why when on a test system (e. g. live CD), I would just run a hackish script which installs all the basic packages. Well, whatever you say, it worked, although I wouldn't recommend this method for anyone, since you can break a lot in the process.

    Now I've finally found time to do a full 4.6.3->4.7.4 upgrade, which eventually left me with only a fraction of languages working in i18n.
    Running /usr/lib/qt4/examples/tools/i18n/i18n revealed:


    were displaying correctly, whilst 5 others only showed a dotted square. (w/Greek and Russian amongst them)
    However: once I click 'Show All' in the small i18n tool, the foreign characters are displayed correctly in WINDOW TITLE. Whereas I have those ugly dotted squares elsewhere.

    Did I miss something in the upgrade, and if so, what?

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