Phonon Mediaplayer - Unsupported format (0x80040265) - MP4

  • I compiled the example qmediaplayer and tried to open a video mp4, but it gives the following error:

    @Phonon Mediaplayer

    Can not play the file. Unsupported format (0x80040265)@

  • Which operating system are you running? Assuming Linux, and gstreamer, have you installed the gst-plugins related to mp4 files? Depending on your distribution, these will be called something like gst-plugins-ugly. Have a dig around the package manager to see what gst-plugins-* are available. I doubt this is a qt issue. Also you could try a differently encoded file, for example an mp3 file. If that plays it isolates the problem as being system/codec related. If that doesn't work, you will need to be a little more forthcoming with information about your problem if you want help

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