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Qt Music Player

  • Hey Hi,
    I am currently working on a qt based music player I was wondering about how can I fetch or download the lyrics of the song when the user clicks for the option to do so .
    I mean is there any library or something present which I can use .

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    Not a library.

    You'll need an API to let your program communicate with the online lyrics database that you choose. I'm not sure which databases provide public APIs -- try Googling

  • You just have to use the createMusicPlayerThatFetchesLyricsFromInternet() function...

    Seriously though, I am quite amazed of how many people expect to get every possible functionality scenario out of the box. Qt provides all the tools you need to create this sort of functionality, but you still have to create it yourself... Basically, you will have to use some API from a website that hosts a lyrics database, query the API and process the query result.

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    Nice one, utcenter :) Made me laugh :D

    @nitesh - take a look at Amarok media player, they have this functionality. It's probably not served as a library, but might include some nice hints at implementation. When it comes to communicating with web services it all depends: they may work with XML web services, or JSON, or RPC... and every needs to be contacted in a specific way. You have to investigate.

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_online_music_databases

    "This one":http://musixmatch.com/ seems to be the most complete and reliable lyrics service, but it starts at 20 000 $ annual.

    Most of the lyrics out there are copyrighted content, so it may not be very legal to distribute them "for free" and without a license.

    You don't really need a library per se, all you need is an open API to one. Considering the fact Qt lacks a method to find if two lines intersect and where, one could hardly expect to find a method that will magically get you the lyrics to a song "from the internet"

  • http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5596255/lyrics-api-for-my-ios-music-app

    this can help you for lyrics


    this help to get all other information of track.this return result in xml format including cover art path.

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