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How to get mingw 4.4

  • Hi everyone,

    I made the stupid mistake of uninstalling the Qt SDK version 1.2.1 ,in the hope of being able to use a more recent version of Qt Creator by installing everything separately.

    Now I've discovered that it is an epic job trying to download an workable version of mingw 4.4 (from 2009!) version from MinGW website.

    Am I now forced to undo everything to install the old SDK? Does Qt compile without issues with more recent versions of mingw, which ones?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Why would you want to use an old/outdated MinGW, instead of just grabbing the current one?

    Anyway, if need an older version, such as v4.4, you may have a look here:

  • Because in the download page says Qt 4.8.3 requires mingw 4.4, and I don't feel like compiling everything from source.

    Thanks for the link, I'll try it out.

  • I'm using a newer version of mingw 4.6.2 I think to compile projects with qtcreator 2.5.2(stand alone version and/or sdk qt creator 2.4.1 ). It will use the precompiled QT library from the sdk, so you can use the newer mingw to compile your code.

    Also you probably have to use the newer debugger that comes with mingw 4.6.2

    They are also going to release QT5 soon. I would expect they update the sdk then as well with the even newer QT Creator. The QT Creator on the git repo is 2.6.x .

    I also tried and failed to get it compiled on windows. But linux was as easy as download and execute 3 commands.

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    The MinGW Qt libraries were precompiled with GCC 4.4, so you need a version of MinGW whose compiler is binary-compatible with GCC 4.4. I'm not sure about GCC 4.5 and 4.6, but I know for sure that GCC 4.7 (from the latest MinGW) is incompatible.

    Here's how I got MinGW 4.4:

    Install Qt SDK 1.2.1

    Make a copy of C:\QtSDK\mingw\ (for compiling) and C:\QtSDK\pythongdb (for debugging)

    Uninstall Qt SDK 1.2.1

    Tell my latest Qt Creator (2.5.2) where to find my latest Qt libs (4.8.3) and my old MinGW (from #2)

    You can try some of the more recent ones and see if they work, but the version from the SDK is guaranteed to work.

  • Could be that I got this still installed on one of my machines. Could send you the bin folder maybe.

    Also Google gave me this link, where you maybe can download the mingw 4.4 sources:
    http://de.sourceforge.jp/projects/sfnet_mingw/downloads/MinGW/Base/gcc/Version4/Previous Release gcc-4.4.0/gcc-4.4.0-mingw32-src-2.tar.gz/

    Also, CodeBlocks offers a Version with MinGW from 2010, that might be 4.4 if you're lucky:

  • Thanks everyone for the helpful comments.

    In the end I took the solution proposed by JKSH.

    Meanwhile I just found out about QTBUG-27258, but that is a minor annoyance in respect to be able to use the latest versions.

    Thanks once again.

  • Hi guys, I searched a lot for mingw 4.4 on the web, and since nokia ftp isn't available anymore, I created a blog post to share it freely:



  • ShaoLin, Thank you very much! I searched for it a lot...........

  • ShaoLin, Thank you very much! I searched for it a lot...........

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