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Qml image is not showing image with special charater .

  • problem is at qml sile image source is not taking special character.
    can you help .

    problem code:

    @    Image {
                        id: artwork
                        height: 100
                        width: 100
                        source: coverart     //here is the path with special character like(C:/Users/Administrator.VIVEK-PC/Music/Vicky Donor~!@#$%^&()/Vicky Donor.png)
                        smooth: true
                        z: 9
                        anchors.horizontalCenter: parent.horizontalCenter
                        anchors.top: parent.top
                        anchors.topMargin: 8


  • Source is a url, so the normal url escaping rules apply. You can percent-encode special characters.
    By the way, this is in the wrong section of the forums, and should be moved to the QtQuick section.

    [Moderator's note: It has been moved to the Qt Quick forum -- mlong]

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