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How to use horizonalscrollbar and verticalscrollbar in dialog,please help anyone

  • Iam having nearlly 50 controls in my dialog(combobox and lineedit,designed using Qt designer 4.7.3).
    In visible area i can see only 7 controls,remaining controls i have to see at run time using scrollbar.How to achieve this?Iam using stackwidget since i need to handle different page with different operations.I looked some of the books but could not find.please help someone

  • Try to place your QStackWidget into QScrollArea

  • I will try to do the method u told.In the mean time Could u please send me a sample program using QScrollarea,Vertical and horizontal scrollbar?

  • Look at "this example": in Qt docs

  • Thanks for ur Quick reply. Let me try this

  • I tried that example its working,but for my cases its not working.
    i placed the stackwidget inside Qscrollarea,when i move to 2nd page in stackwidget i need the scroll bar.
    Just i tried simple dialog with 10 labels.Steps are

    1. place teh qscrollArea in dialog
    2. then added the stackwidget and placed 10 labels in first page alone
    3. Minimize the dialog so that only 5 labels are visible

    Then in coding i set as ui.scrollarea->setwidget(ui.stackwidget)
    but its not working. what am doing wrong?
    can u please guide me?

  • [Solved]...Just i placed the Stackwidget inside QScrollarea,but we need to add layouts then only it will works... Thanks for ur answers

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