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Encryptor: Simple project to encrypt and decrypt data.

  • A simple project that provides an interface to encrypt and decrypt strings using the next algorithms:

    • AES
    • Blowfish
    • Cast
    • DES
    • Idea
    • Rc2
    • Rc4
    • Seed

    The project uses PoCo C++ libraries, they have a nice and easy to use interface for OpenSSL
    I am studying the OpenSSL and it is a little tricky, PoCo C++ makes the job easier.


    I will be very grateful if you give me some ideas to make the little project better.
    I created the application because I was working in a project where I was encrypting and decrypting data on the database, I was using a program called Cryptdem that is made on Delphi, and I think that it would be better to have my own application made with Qt.

  • How about to create an Qt library with simple single class with static methods(like encrypt(phrase, salt, Class::Agroithm) abnd decrypt(phrase, salt, Class::Algorithm)) and signal/slots. And what about binary encryption? Or is it only for strings?

    P.S.: Maybe "Showcase":http://qt-project.org/forums/viewforum/8/ subforum would be a better place for your software?

  • You can compare with the "QCA":http://delta.affinix.com/qca/ interface.

  • Also, in Qt Creator source, you can see that it uses Botan somewhere, which is more adept to C++ instead of OpenSSL which is C oriented.
    For C++, I found easier to use Botan than OpenSSL

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