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Tool chain problem

  • Hi All,

    I've installed the Qt 4.7.4 but I have some problem on configuring the right tool chain to be able to build my own apps. Even though I don't know Ubuntu I have to work on it. The issue seems to be that Qt doesn't understand the command line g++. I've searched on the system where my g++ file is archived and I dind't find it. This may is one of my gap on using Ubuntu. Therefore I would like to know where g++ is usually installed on Ubuntu and how I can check if it's properly working, does anyone help me?

    Eventually how can I unistall everything and try to install them again?

  • You can get GCC (and many other development tools) by
    sudo apt-get install build-essentials

    After that you should be able to find g++ under /usr/bin.

  • Now it is too late to try, but asap I'm going to try and I'll give you back the result. Thanks for a while!

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