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Can't click any links/buttons in webview

  • Hi. I have googled around and tried so many "solutions" that I probably tried them all 5 times each, for the past 4 days and I can still not seem to click on any link, on any page.

    I am embedding paypal checkout page, and probably it is something very simple I have missed. I tried an empty page with only webview and no options at all but width + height + javascripts (and without js), and I tried below code (and plenty of other stuff), still no clicks. I have in this code changed url from the one containing a real ap-key to just the dev login page, but the problem is the same. Please, anyone know how I can click on anything? I can not click forms either, get a keyboard to popup to fill out forms, or any click.

    Any help would be extremely appreciated.

    @import QtQuick 1.1
    import QtWebKit 1.1
    import 1.1

    Rectangle {
    Image {
    id: background
    source: "./images/bg.png"
    anchors.fill: parent
    Text {
    id: logo
    text: "My Fancy Logo"
    x: 2
    y: 2
    font.pixelSize: 24
    font.bold: true
    font.italic: true
    color: "white"
    style: Text.Raised
    styleColor: "black"
    smooth: true
    Rectangle {
    id: rect
    x: 0
    y: 60
    width: background.width
    height: background.height - 70
    Flickable {
    id: flickable
    width: parent.width
    height: parent.height
    contentWidth: Math.max(parent.width,webView.width)
    contentHeight: Math.max(parent.height,webView.height)
    flickableDirection: Flickable.HorizontalAndVerticalFlick
    anchors.bottom: parent.bottom
    anchors.left: parent.left
    anchors.right: parent.right
    boundsBehavior: Flickable.DragOverBounds
    pressDelay: 200

    WebView {
     id: webView
     settings.javascriptEnabled: true
     settings.pluginsEnabled: true
     url: ""
     anchors.bottom: parent.bottom
     anchors.left: parent.left
     anchors.right: parent.right
     transformOrigin: Item.Top
     smooth: false
     focus: true
     preferredWidth: flickable.width
     preferredHeight: flickable.height
     PinchArea {

    id: pinchArea
    property real minScale: 1.0
    anchors.fill: parent
    property real lastScale: 1.0 webView
    pinch.minimumScale: minScale
    pinch.maximumScale: 3.0

    onPinchFinished: {
    flickable.contentWidth = (flickable.width + flickable.width) * webView.scale;
    flickable.contentHeight = (flickable.height + flickable.height) * webView.scale;

  • Oh, forgot to mention, this "Rectangle" I use for page is loaded as source for a "Loader" object I run in my main.qml.

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