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Qml and qmlwebkitplugin

  • Hello,
    I have a statically compiled Qt 4.7.4, I'm The Mac User.
    When I do the compilation and run my app, I get a message
    QtWebKit that this is not installed and can not carry that qmlWebKitPlugin.
    My app is not located libwebkitplugin.a.
    I already utilizel QML_IMPORT_PATH, QTPLUGIN and etc, this causes the point to import the QML / import / QtWebKit from my Qt Static over it is not loaded.
    Somebody already used it statically? In windows it is easy when I use dynamically.

    Thanks !!!!!

  • Static Qt configuration automatically disables QtWebKit modul, because statically compilation of QtWebKit is not supported! There is some patch on the web to do that, but if you can, better use shared Qt configuration...

  • In Qt version 4.7.4, WebKit is not disabled in static compilation.
    The Qt WebKit works, the problem and load the plugin.
    If I set up a static application and compile it with my Qt static, it
    works. The problem is when squeegee on another machine, my app dont locates. I even plugin libs etc carry it on. pro
    the import / QtWebKit / plugin.

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