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[Solved] GUI design question

  • Hi

    I am new to Qt and need to create a very simple Demo GUI for a touchscreen.
    There are only about 5 buttons with transparent png's that call functions (videos) and when one is touched then the GUI should disappear until the screen is touched again to show another (1 - stop) button and if touched returning to the base screen with the 5 buttons waiting for another action.
    In addition, there is one location where various transparent png's depending on other events should show and disappear.
    The rest of the screen is transparent, so the button interface is looking like an overly over the video.

    Since I am really new to GUI design with Qt, I have no clue what would be the way to go.
    I am looking forward for any hint.
    Thanks, McLion

  • For touchscreen applications best way would be to go with QML, just start reading beginners tutorial about QML and experiment with it. It's pretty easy to learn the basics in couple of days.

    After you get your buttons working, check out Phonon / media plugin, something like that for your video feed.

    these should get you started, and you can always Google for more stuff:

  • I was reading most of it and tried to do some things.
    I have the main Rectangle id:page in the size of my screen of 1280x800. In there I can place images with a MouseArea on it to act like a button (or can i place an transparent png on a button as well?). In addition to the MouseArea of the buttons, all of the transparent screen (1280x800) needs to have a MouseArea as well to activate/show the buttons as overlay which are normally hidden.

    What I could not figure out is how to set the main page rectangle to really be transparent (equal to translucent: setAttribute(Qt::WA_TranslucentBackground); when working in Widget mode).
    How can I do that in a QtQuick / QML?

    In addition .. could it be that 4.6.3 does not support QtQuick/QML?
    I must use it on 4.6.3 on embeddedLinux in the end.


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