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Any chance to disable touch event exposing in WebKit 4.7

  • Hi,

    until now I overloaded the QWebPage with an own one which sends Chrome/1.0 as user agent in an AfterShotPro plugin which uses Google maps. But for some days it seems that Google maps API does not check for the special Chrome browser versions anymore and only looks for the touch events.

    Since QWebKit exposes touch events on all devices even on desktops with no touch device at all, the Google map can not be used.

    I cannot recompile the WebKit with special compile settings beause the plugin is forced to use the one which is deployed with AfterShotPro.

    So I really need any idea to prevent Webkit from exposing the touch events.


  • I've had a similar problem, but have been given the solution. See "this thread":

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