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Design a button which could resize dynamically

  • Studying QML and want to create a button which could shrink and grow dynamically
    Just like the header of QListView

    QStandardItemModel *model = new QStandardItemModel(this);
    model->setHorizontalHeaderLabels(QStringList() = {//labels} );
    QListView *view = new QListView(this);

    Could I make it done with some simple solution?
    Or I better implement some layout mechanisms like
    QHBoxlayout(this is not a trivial mission) by myself?

  • You're talking of QML.... so why not doing it in QML side?

  • @
    You’re talking of QML…. so why not doing it in QML side?

    You are right, I will give a try, still very green about QML

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