Push Button into a Combo Box

  • Hi, i was trying create a menu. But i want that is open with a click. I think in use a combox for that, but can not put the push button inside. Thats possible? Somebody can help me? thanks

  • If you use QtCreator, when you insert a ComboBox in you Ui you can add the options that you want in the menu (by double-click on the combo). I think is not possibile to insert a push button into a combo box.

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    Are you using a QComboBox to create a menu? Why not a QMenu?

  • mlong, i was thinking that use the combox was be more easy to put colors and others effects, but is a good idea use the QMenu.

  • do you have some place, where can i, see the qmenu? i never use that before

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    It's in the documentation, and I believe there is a Menus example.

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