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Can position of Dropdown list can be fixed on screen

  • Hi all,

    If we have a combo box which shows a drop down menu, it displays the list downwards or upward depending upon the selection and space.
    What if I want it to be fixed, that is display either always top or bottom....will that be possible...if yes, which properties to use??


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    I don't believe that can be changed very easily, if at all. OTOH, why would you want to change that functionality? Isn't it bad form to have a drop down list partially off-screen potentially?

  • I also agree with you...but can't do anything its is a requirement in this project. Anyways thanks I just wanted to be sure whether it is possible or not....:)

  • Anything is possible. The question is, if it is wise.

    Requirements are there to be tested against reason and good sense before spending huge amounts of efforts in realizing them.

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    The ComboBox tries to make sure all elements in the drop down are visible. I doubt that there is a requirement to have some elements rendered offscreen, depending on where the QComboBox is located.

  • Some requirements are meant to be followed directly, you cannot change them...If there is a way can you show me some light over it....thanks

  • One way would be to patch Qt I think, and tweak the algorithm that determines the placement so that it always returns "below".

    [quote author="pragati" date="1349254540"]Some requirements are meant to be followed directly, you cannot change them... [/quote]
    This doesn't sound as one of them...

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