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QT Framework with Xcode4

  • Is QT framework same as QT Library?
    I downloaded the framework and installed it and added it to the Xcode4 building phase and my project. is that enough to start using this Library? I don't need the QT IDE as i prefer the Xcode4.

    For example, can i use same classes and commands i used to make a TextEdit on Qt creator with using Qt framework and Xcode4?
    What else do i need? I can use the Cocoa GUI designer instead of QT GUI designer package.

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    Yeah, you can assume framework==library in this case.

    Also, you don't have to use Qt Creator IDE if you don't want to.

    As for your remaining questions... it seems that you basically want to code with native libraries. Why even ask about Qt, then?

  • You making my question even easier thank you, I asked about it as i thought that QT library contains classes and functions that makes it easier to build desktop application compared with native libraries?
    wondering if that's true or the native library almost has almost same library as Qt's one?

    You answer really appreciated as i need to make a decision whether should i use Qt library or the Mac os x native library.

    Thanks again.

  • Ease of any library is based a lot on previous experience. Cocoa is not a easier than Qt, it is different. If you have more experience with Objective-C than C++, you will certainly prefer Cocoa and vice versa. If you have no plans to support other platforms than Mac, you may be better off sticking to just Cocoa.

  • Thank you,
    I can use Objective C for GUI and the rest C++

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