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  • I install Qt 4.8.3 and then want to build the "GettingStarted" sample, however,

    when I invoke

    qmake -project

    I get "not a internal or external command" error, which means qmake's path is not

    in the current path.

    I think I should add the path of qmake to the system path environment, but not

    sure if I should also add other paths for Qt library building and making, so is

    there a complete list of the paths to be configured before running it? A complete

    document will also be better.



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    Adding <qt dir>/bin to PATH is sufficient for most cases. Sometimes, setting QTDIR variable to <qt dir> is required, too. Or you can use a tool like QtCreator, which will manage allow you to run and develop Qt apps without changing system-wide environment.

  • Hi,

    I have installed Qt 4.8.2 and Qt Creator(IDE). But when I start Qt Creator(IDE), then go to "Tools | Options | Build and Run" and click "Qt versions" tab, I find nothing in the "automatic". It seems my installation of Qt is not correct. Or am I missing somthing. Must I install the Qt SDK on my computer for development as well?



  • In “Qt versions” tab you can also "Manual add" your Qt installation. Also, if it is not set yet, you must choose a compiler in "Compiler" tab.

  • THanks

    I add Qt to the Qt versions tab. Then when go to "Compiler" tab, I find the following compilers are being detected automatically:

    MS VC++ 9.0(x86)
    MS VC++ 9.0(amd64)

    but I cannot find a way to add MS VC++ 9.0(x64) since we need to build the app in both 32bit and 64bit target platform.

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