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Which files to be installed

  • I just want to develop a simple skinned Windows desktop application with Visual Studio 2008. And thinking of using Qt library. So I contact Qt and get a free evaluation email, which contains a lot of things, as below:

    1. Qt 4.8.2 for Windows (Src and VS2008 32bit Binary)

    2. Qt Visual Studio Addin 1.1.11 (Binary)

    3. Qt Creator 2.5.2 for Windows (32bit Binary)

    4. Qt Commercial SDK for Windows

    5. Qt Commercial Charts 1.1.0

    6. Qt Commercial 3D 1.0.0 Sources

    I get confused, since I don't know whether I need to install all of them to implement my purpose. And I cannot find accurate document on detailed information about each of them. So can anyone helps?



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    Qt 4.8.2 (currently 4.8.3) is the set of libraries. To develop in VS, you need the addin, too.

    Qt Creator is a Qt IDE - since you want to develop in VS, you do not need this. SDK is an automated installer for selected packages. Charts is a set of QML components for generating - surprise - charts. I don't know commercial 3D package, but you can probably guess what is inside.

  • I have installed Qt 4.8.2 and Qt Creator(IDE) since I want to develop in Qt environment as well. However, I am not sure whether I should install SDK since Qt 4.8.2 already contains the libraries required to build the project.


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    You don't have to. SDK provides libraries, Qt Creator and optionally additional modules as a single package + it has an update tool. Installing tools separately, like you did (I do similarly, if that is any help) is perfectly valid, too.

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