Link with custom qt static plugins

  • Hi,

    I have an application with Qt plugins I have created ... It works fine but now I wants to have static Qt plugins instead to package the plugins with the exe ...
    I have compiled my plugins with CONFIG+=STATIC in the pro files,
    add the plugins lib in the application pro files but when I add Q_IMPORT_PLUGIN(myplug) in the cpp, I have the following link error :
    error LNK2019 : unresolved symbol : "class QObject * __cdecl qt_plugin_instance_myplug(void)

    I use a lgpl Qt shared version on Windows Seven msvc with QT.4.8.3
    all my plugins use have dependency on externals dll (not related to qt) .. I don't wants to add theses dll in the main application .. I suppose using a static plugin will allow that ?

  • sorry ... case sensitive matching name error ... forgot this post !

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