Designer issues, changes to Dialogs not showing up when app is built and not in code either.

  • Whats going on here, on several occasions I will make a change to a dialog in the designer and it shows in the designer but the change doesn't get put into code and doesn't show up when built.

    For example right now I just added a button to my MainWindow, it shows up just fine in the designer but when I build the app it doesn't show up. And the button class isn't in the ui-> code either.

    I've had this problem before and switching compilers back and forth fixed it ( I don't know why ). This time however that is not fixing it.

    What's going on here? And how can I fix this now, and next time it happens?

  • For some reason this keeps happening ever so often. A work around is to switch to a different compiler, compile the app. This fixes whatever issue this is. Then switch back to the original compiler and it still fixed.

    Anyone know of a real fix for this? Or even what the issue is?

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