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  • Hi,

    I'm an intern in a firm. The very first task given for me is "Get a profile by drawing a straight line". I developed program to generate line. Can anyone help me to get the profile from the line.

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    A company tends to reserve resources to mentor interns (at least all the good ones do). So please ask your mentor: He will know your task and can help you in person.

    I think it is rather impolite to bother people on the net when there are people available locally that actually are paid to help you.

  • The task given is on process in eclipse. Out of interest I'm trying it in Qt just to expertise myself in it.

  • You can 'do' Qt anywhere.. I don't get eclipse is any sort of exception!

    I really appreciate your interest in Qt, and so we all are here ;)

    And the word "Profile" used by your friend can be anything , right ?

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