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Coloring the QString

  • @QString text("<FONT COLOR=red>%1</FONT>");
    QDomNode text_node

    I have the above code . what i want is text color shall be red and that text value shall be decided during the run time .

  • Using HTML to color a text can work, but in a QDomNode? I don't get that. QDomNode is not for displaying...

  • My requirement is to coloring the QString then setting that color text in QDomNode .
    that is the thing i want to do in the above code .
    But i am not able to know why its not working .

  • But having a colored string in a domnode is nonsense. Color is a display property, and a QDomNode is not displayed. How do you even check if your coloring worked if you can't display it?

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