[REQ] Better syntax highlighting for c++ code in QT Creator.

  • [REQ] This is a request for better syntax highlighting in QT Creator for c++. In the github development repo there is an added option or two and even some removed options in the syntax highlighting menu. This is something that other IDE’s have that is VERY helpful and QT’s is sub par. VS2012’s big new feature for c++ is complete syntax highlighting in c++(almost every type of syntax is a seperate option).
    Base things that need to be covered are the following; variables(parameter, local, member, global, static), functions( functions, methods, static and non static), enum, namespace, user types, strings, keywords.

    A few of these are covered already such as user types. Some of these are bugged in the dev release, function will color both functions and methods the same color, these should be separate.

    If I were good enough at coding I would try to pitch in but I am not confident in my code quality yet.

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    Hm, I personally find QtC highlighting far superior in comparison to others, but maybe I'm just so much used to it.

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    Please "file bug reports":http://bugreports.qt-project.org/, even for feature requests.

    Stuff reported here will be acted upon only if the responsible developer happens to stumble over the post while being idle. Most devs tend to not follow the forums too closely, so the likelihood of them missing something is high.

    I think many of the things you ask for are already possible, the default is just to highlight them with the normal font in black. We have some people here that find all too colorful a display to be too distracting:-)

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