[Solved] Segmentation Fault... What can be?

  • I getting an error at this line, and the file "qatomic_x86_64.h":

    inline bool QBasicAtomicInt::ref()
    unsigned char ret;
    asm volatile("lock\n"
    "incl %0\n"
    "setne %1"
    : "=m" (_q_value), "=qm" (ret)
    : "m" (_q_value)
    : "memory"); //HERE!
    return ret != 0;

    This error appears after this code:

    QList<Sensor*> Eixo::getSensores()
    return this->sensores;

    But If in a controller class I remove this line:
    getEixo()->getSensores().append( getSensorConfigurado() );

    The error not appears...
    It's something with concurrence? Lock on variable attribute? What can be?

  • Please run your application inside valgrind, it's likely that you have a corrupted heap.

  • getEixo() is probably returning a null or an invalid pointer.

  • I try to use valgrind, but I got this error:

    ** Error: "valgrind" could not be started: No such file or directory **

    I follow this page: "http://doc.qt.digia.com/qtcreator-2.5/creator-analyzer.html":http://doc.qt.digia.com/qtcreator-2.5/creator-analyzer.html

    I will check if getEixo is null, but I don't beleave that's can be the reason of my problem...

  • The value of variable getEixo() is <unavailable synchronous data>, on debug mode!

  • I read some posts saying to use SIGNALS and SLOTS?
    Why so solution?

  • Header:
    #ifndef EIXO_H
    #define EIXO_H

    #include <QObject>
    #include "tipoeixo.h"
    #include "sensor.h"

    class Eixo : public QObject
    explicit Eixo(QObject *parent = 0);

    void setId(int newId);
    void setNumeroEixo(int newNumeroEixo);
    void setConjunto(int newConjunto);
    void setMyTipoEixo(TipoEixo* newMyTipoEixo);
    void setSensores(QList<Sensor*> newSensores);
    void addSensor(Sensor* newSensor);
    int getId();
    int getNumeroEixo();
    int getConjunto();
    TipoEixo* getMyTipoEixo();
    QList<Sensor*> getSensores();
    bool isDiferencial();

    int id;
    int numeroEixo;
    int conjunto;
    TipoEixo* myTipoEixo;
    QList<Sensor*> sensores;

    #endif // EIXO_H

    If I change sensores to be a pointer, like this: QList<Sensor*>* sensores;
    The problem can be fixed?
    I will try change this rightnow...

  • Problem persists.

  • [quote author="dcbasso" date="1348577357"]The value of variable getEixo() is <unavailable synchronous data>, on debug mode![/quote]

    No debugger required. Stick a:

    // or
    if (getEixo() == 0) qFatal("getEixo() is returning null");

    or similar check immediately before the affected line.

    Incidentally, that affected line is adding an element to an anonymous copy of the QList<> and will probably not do what you are expecting.

  • A debugger is not required, but way more useful for tracking issues like these.

    But basically, this is your problem:
    @getEixo()->getSensores().append( getSensorConfigurado() );@
    Here, you do two dereferences. The first especially may be problematic. If there is any chance of getEixo() returning 0, then you need to check for that.

    Eixo* eixo = getEixo();
    Q_ASSERT(eixo); //don't do the actual get inside the assert! It will be compiled out for release builds!
    eixo->getSensores().append( getSensorConfigurado() );

    Note that even this does not get you out of the woods yet. You have to be sure that getEixo() always returns 0 or a valid pointer. If you have deleted the Eixo object earlier and the pointer is still returned here, you're in trouble that you can't catch like this.

  • One might add that you will always suffer from this problem when using multiple dereferencing. This is the reason it is usually forbidden by any coding guidelines.

  • I found the reason!
    I fix the error:
    I was trying to append a some object/pointer to my QList! I remove the append, and just change the object/pointer and my QList is "auto" updated!

    I really don't undestand why the problem appears when we try to add same object/pointer to QList, but the error don't happened again!!!

    Thanks all!

  • If you don't understand, I really suggest you keep on it until you do. Otherwise, I almost guarantee you that you'll get bitten by the same issue again, only this time about an hour before your release deadline...

    The way you talk about object/pointer gives me the feeling you don't quite understand pointers & objects yet. However, that knowledge really is needed in order to work effectively with C++ and Qt.

  • I just use the thermology "object/pointer" to suggest that I was working with pointer to change a object, as this:

    QList<Sensor*> sensores;

    Well, I search a lot about this error and I don't found any good explanation to the error. After I remove the ".append(Sensor*)" on object sensores, the problem was fix, and the "Sensor*" is changed anyway, because I use pointer to change the value os "Sensor" inside the QList!
    I just make the mistake to try add again on the QList... I think...

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