[solved] Keep File List open while processing an .ui

  • Whenever I access any creator file (*.ui),
    the left side file list disappers (closes).

    To return to the normal mode, which means the file list is (re-)displayed,
    and to select another *.cpp file, it's a very unconvenient way:
    First hit the Edit mode icon, the list (re-)appears, and only then it is possible to select another file.
    Even another *.ui file.

    Dispite the documentation does implicitely mention, the list is open in debug & Edit mode (only), ...
    is there any way to keep that list open for all times?

    Thanks for any Help

  • step1.go to the down toolbar of your qt-creator.
    step2.click the show sidebar or Alt+0.
    step3.from projects you can select your file system or projects.

  • Thanks for response!
    Well, so far ok.

    But that still does not show the List, WHEN THE *.ui FILE IS ACCESSED and visible.
    In that case the list just disappears, and never comes back.
    Why the hell does that file/project/... list disappear?
    There is absolutely no need to hide that list column.

    Better question again, how to retain it?
    A hidden setup? Can't find any.

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    No, design mode always closes the side bar. You can not even enable it again with Alt-0 (which is used to show/hide it elsewhere). This is due to the side bar taking too much space that is better used for the designer itself.

    I don't miss this since I use the following keyboard shortcuts:

    The Escape key will always take you closer to your source code, so hitting Esc in designer mode will take you back. No need to fiddle with the mouse:-)

    You can also use Ctrl-Number to switch between modes (the icons on the left side of the screen). Ctrl-2 will get you to the editor, Ctrl-3 to the designer, etc.

    You can hit Ctrl-K and just start typing to open other files/methods/classes/webpages/help files/etc. Ctrl-K is the main way of code navigation for me, it is really great:-) Just hit "Ctrl-K" and type ".ui" to list all ui files in your project and select the one you want.

    Maybe those (especially the last one) can mitigate the problem for you, too.

    If you really think we should change the UI, then please consider to "file a feature request":http://bugreports.qt-project.org/ in our bugtracker. This way the responsible developer will get notified about your issue (of course he might just close your issue again;-).

  • [solved]
    That is a genuis solution, Thank you very much!
    I can absolutely live with that.

    Nowadays I think the development process will need (at least have) 2 monitors, anyway.
    These have good quality, so it is in practice possible to have the visual creator (*.ui) AND the list open sumultaneously.

    Will post that to the recommended board.

    Worked for ~4...5 years with qt(3), I still learn new options.
    Qt-4 seems to be an advanced major step.
    Waiting curiously vor qt-5.

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    Yes, multi-monitor support is a item that has been on the wish-list for a long time now:-(

    The trouble is to come up with a cross-platform way to navigate between the individual windows. The platform keeps messing with that (as each one tends to have its own conventions there) which is a showstopper for those of us that need to switch between different OSes all the time.

  • And then there is people who have a screen like this:
    !http://ic.tweakimg.net/ext/i/imagenormal/1348564808.jpeg(Dell Ultrawide 29" screen)!

    No need for multi-monitor support there, just for the option to just keep the file bar open. There is plenty of space for it anyway :-)

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