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How to: Install Open GL (FLTK specifically) and compile source code...

  • I am sorry to bother with this question, but I haven't a clue how to perform the compilation and installation of a source code library into QT.

    I am a student and am required to install, compile, and use FLTK for some class projects. The only detailed instructions are for MS Visual Studio which I obviously do not use.

    Is there a detailed tutorial that speaks directly to this issue?



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    Why do you ask here how to build FLTK? Ask the people that write that toolkit, they know best how to build it.

  • You know, I have used QT for several years now, and I have never had to install a library before.

    I don't want to use Microsoft, but if this your most helpful response on where and how to install a new library into QT, well, what can I say.

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    If you need to build a library, then follow the instructions provided by that library. Processes can vary quite a bit and the people that know the process best tend to be the ones that wrote the library in the first place.

    Once you have a library, then how to use it depends a lot on the build system you use. In general you need to make the include pathes where the headers of said library are found known to the compiler and the location of the library itself to the linker.

    With such a vague question that is the best I can do.

  • Sorry, I wasn't trying to be vague, just general.

    I figured there might be a tutorial on where and how to install the library into QT SDK?

    I figured the instructions for compiling the source code would be adaptable to QT SDK once I knew the procedure that would get QT to recognize and use the library.

    Obviously, I anticipated using QT to compile the libraries as well.

    I hope that clarifies my queries.



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