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QML compiler?

  • I'm having QML performance issues (loading a couple simple QML files already takes 2 seconds on my embedded ARM target).

    When a QML file is loaded the file is parsed, compiled and objects are created.

    Is there a way to compile the QML files to a binary format so there is no more need to parse and compile? "Discussion about this":

  • No. It was mentioned as an idea, but AFAIK, no-once put in the effort to actually implement it.

  • So there is no way to skip the parse / compiling step?

    Well then I guess it's time to optimze my QML to the max....

  • Have you already profiled your application to find out where your performance bottleneck acutally is?

    Qt 5 includes the qmlmin tool which tries to reduce QML files.

  • I was trying to setup the profiler and got it working (but I had to leave work, so to be continued on monday :)).

    One of the issues I already found myself is that I use a lot (20 or so) loading to dynamicly load Windows. For each loader I use Binding to connect C++ and QML when the loader loads a Window. When I remove the loaders this save me about 5 seconds of parse/compile QML time! Do you have a suggestion how to optimze this?

  • Unfortunately not. At first I would say you should try to get the profiler up and running to find out where you actually need to improve performance.

    If you still face problems in certain situations I would suggest to take the issues to the mailing list (

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