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Qt community in Paris (France) ?

  • Hello every body!!

    I am discovering Qt since few weeks and I am thrilled by what I see and can do :-))

    I would be delighted to join a Qt community in Paris (France). Do you know if something exist? Any event to happen soon?

    In case nothing very organised exist here, are there any other parisian willing to share knowledge and enthusiam about Qt?

    Thank you every body, and see you soon (in Munich?)

  • I know that at least, there are French-language communities active. If they are Paris-focussed, I don't know. See the list of known communities here:

  • I think there is also a #qt-fr irc channel on freenode for speaking about Qt in French. Good chance they'd know about Qt in France too.

  • Bonjour lothar

    Connais-tu la communauté français de "": ?

    C'est une communauté très active, dans laquelle tu pourras discuter, trouver des conseils et apporter ton aide (si tu veux). On a également lancé plusieurs projets tournant autour de Qt qui pourrait t'intéresser : la traduction de la documentation et d'articles issus de Qt Quarterly et de Qt Labs, la traduction de Qt Creator, la création d'une bibliothèque d'extension de Qt, des concours de développement avec Qt, etc.

    Bienvenu dans la communauté Qt !

    For no-francophones :

    Hello lothar

    Do you know the French community of "":

    It's a very active community, where you can discuss, get advice and make your help (if you want). It has also launched several projects around Qt might be interesting you : the translation of documentation and articles from Qt Quarterly and Qt Labs, the translation of Qt Creator, creation a library of expansion of Qt, the Qt development competition, etc.

    Welcome to the Qt community!

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