Previous screen inactive.

  • Hello, I have two screens, for ex. onclicking a button i move to a differnt screen(second screen) which overlaps the first screen. But i want to make the I screen inactive, I do not want any event occuring in the first screen when second screen is active. Is this possible?

  • Sure it is. Is the second screen a dialog? Then simply give the dialog a owner
    YourDialog *newDialog = YourDialog(this);
    The dialog is automatic set to stop the other screen from operation. This is called modal or modalles.
    For an application is is:
    If this doesn't help you maybe let us know what types of windows you use?

  • I need it in qml. not with Qt.

  • [quote author="Julie1986" date="1348143386"]I need it in qml. not with Qt.[/quote]

    Then you should have 1) explicitly have said that, and 2) posted in the right forum (I moved it now for you). Note that QML is also Qt.

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