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Finally from Nokia to Digia.

  • Finally we are directed from "qt.nokia.com":http://qt.nokia.com to "qt.digia.com":http://qt.digia.com. :)


    With the latest "Acquisition": of Qt to Digia, we all have a number of questions to ask. So It will be nice If we can accumulate all the questions at one place for discussion.

    Questions that I have :

    1. What is the future of "Qt Ambassador Program":http://qt.digia.com/qtambassador/.
    2. What will be the plans for Qt Certifications.
    3. Conference , Events and other upcoming seminars.
    4. Future updates/changes to our "forum":http://qt-project.org/ ( we already have a very good Qt community with people ready to help and provide enough knowlegde )

    I would like other's to contribute as well :)

  • Exciting stuff! :)

  • " Digia has initiated projects to deliver full support for Android and iOS mobile and tablet operating systems within Qt and will present the product roadmap and strategy later in the fall. "

    Yes exciting. No word on Wp8 though. May be it will come if Wp8 gains market share.

  • Bravo!!! Very nice to Qt.
    Thanks for the link, really enjoy watching the pictures and the Qt cake :)
    Day 1 feels like a fresh start.

  • Thanks for the links , I have updated the first post. Looking forward for further discussions.

  • Digia is aiming Qt 5.0 support for ios / Android. It would have been good if Digia somehow made the existing Qt 4.8 ports officially available. They have been in talks with both Bogdan and Mediator software.

  • The one big advantage Qt4 has over Qt5 is it doesn't require OpenGL hardware to run. Both Android and iOS devices all have openGL support, so it doesn't really make sense to waste more efforts on porting both Qt4 and Qt5 to those platforms, especially considering porting Qt4 will likely be more challenging.

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    Strange of you to say that. Qt4 ports for both OSes already do exist. And Qt5 does not require OpenGL as long as you don't use QtQuick 2/ Qt3D.

  • [quote author="Katherine " date="1348079625"]Aloha! Apologies for the radio silence from Digia's side. We were finalizing the last bits and pieces of the acquisition of Qt from Nokia. The deal is now closed - YAY! Our goal is to advance Qt and make it the best framework out there. We can't do this alone and look forward to working with the Qt ecosystem. Let's do this together!

    As the craziness of the transition settles and we finish combing through the hundreds of open items on our to-do lists, we are planning the next step forth for the future of Qt.

    We want to continue the conversation with you, so please continue engaging via the forums on this site.

    First order of the day: Let's get Qt 5 out the door successfully. Let's do it together!

    As we gather our forces, we will be communicating and engaging more and more on this site. Bear with us as we regroup!

    Smiles from the Digia Qt team[/quote]

    Well this was the response from Digia team on "this thread":http://qt-project.org/forums/viewthread/19443/P45/ , So we need to wait :)

  • very nice to Qt + 1.

  • @sierdzio - IIRC widgets/QtGui in Qt5 is implemented on top of the scenegrapgh, which does require OpenGL. Not 100% sure thou.

    I remember people voicing concerns that Qt5 in practice is incompatible with embedded Linux, because unlike handheld devices, OpenGL is not granted. This is no big deal since a Qt4 port for embedded Linux already exists.

    Also I suspect as a new release, Qt5 is far more modular and flexible, with the very base infrastructure being designed to make porting easy, in contrast, Qt4 dates back to times long before those platforms existed, let alone considerations of porting to them.

    Matter of fact is Digia have pretty much confirmed they will be porting Qt5 and not Qt4. As for the maturity of existing ports, I haven't used the iOS port, but Necessitas lacks many features, such as multimedia, that are crucial to applications, oriented at those platforms. It shouldn't be that hard for Digia to implement ports from scratch, I was surprised to see JUCE, which has a single maintainer, providing fairly good support for both Android and iOS, and if a single guy can do it while maintaining and developing an entire framework, how hard could it be for Digia, especially now when they have taken in dozens of Qt developers.

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    No, QtWidgets is independent of scenegraph.

  • As sierdzio already mentioned QtWidgets (as well as QtGui) is independent of the scenegraph. It is still based on QPainter, offering the raster and opengl backends.

    The scenegraph requires OpenGL ES, not a OpenGL-capable GPU. Qt 5 can be used with any OpenGL software rasterizer, for example llvmpipe, where QtQuick2 still performs better than QtQuick1 based on QGV.

  • Good to know, but this still doesn't answer the question why Digia chose to port Qt5 instead of take advantage of the efforts, already spent on Qt4 by Bogdan and co.

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    Ask them, not us. Bogdan is working on Qt5 port, too. I really can't see an issue here. Qt5 is the way to go, and while Qt4 will be maintained, the real development effort goes in to v. 5.

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