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Qt Webkit build failed in Windows

  • Hi,

    I am trying to build webkit in Windows. I followed the below steps:

    [1] Installed Qt SDK 1.2.1 for windows thru online installer from :
    [2] Installed all GNUWin32 tools and added to path

    In Qt 4.8.0 for Desktop (MinGW) command prompt:
    I checked out latest webkit trunk using
    $ svn checkout %HOME%\WebKit
    $ cd %HOME%/WebKit

    I manually created WebkitBuild/Release and in Webkit source tree: (Sep18Webkit) in my case:

    I executed perl Tools\Scripts\build-webkit --qt --release

    I saw following errrors:

    c:\Users\han\Desktop\Sep18Webkit>perl Tools\Scripts\build-webkit --qt --release
    Calling 'qmake C:\Users\han\Desktop\Sep18Webkit\ CONFIG+=release CONFI
    G-=debug CONFIG-=production_build' in C:\Users\han\Desktop\Sep18Webkit\WebKitBui

    c:\Users\han\Desktop\Sep18Webkit\ Unknown test function: use?
    c:\Users\han\Desktop\Sep18Webkit\ Unknown test function: build?
    c:\Users\han\Desktop\Sep18Webkit\ Unknown test function: build?
    Last built revision was unknown, now at revision 128846. Full incremental build

    Calling 'make -j4 incremental' in C:\Users\han\Desktop\Sep18Webkit\WebKitBuild

    make: *** No rule to make target `incremental'. Stop.

    I went to WebkitBuild/Release dir and just executed make: and I saw following errrors:
    cd Source\WTF\ && c:\QtSDK\Desktop\Qt\4.8.0\mingw\bin\qmake.exe c:\Users\han\Des
    ktop\Sep18Webkit\Source\WTF\ CONFIG+=release CONFIG-=debug CONFIG-=produc
    tion_build -o Makefile.WTF
    Project ERROR: To build QtWebKit with Qt 5 you need to build Qt 5 with libICU su
    pport. Check for ICU support being mentioned in qtbase/config.summary.
    make: *** [Source\WTF\Makefile.WTF] Error 2

    Please help me in this regard. Does webkit work with QtSDK or I need to download Qt5.0 beta and start building it afresh.

    Appreciate your help in this regard.


  • Moderators

    I think the error message is quite clear - you need Qt5, with ICU. Normally QtWebKit is included in Qt anyway. Why are you trying to build your own (just curious)?

  • Thanks for the reply.
    Ok I need webgl support in QtWebkit. Does Qt 5 with ICU have webgl enabled?

    Now I downloaded qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.0.0-beta1 and tried
    configure -prefix

  • Moderators

    I don't know. I have not heard about anyone trying WebGL in QtWebKit before. But I'm not using it myself, so it's probable I'm just ignorant about it. In any case, post an update if you manage to get it to work, it's an interesting topic.

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