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How to embed excel/openoffice cal in qt application

  • hi,

    i need a help to embed excel/openofficecal in my qt application.i have used setControl(Excel.Application).excel is opening as a separate application.i want to show excel in Qmainwindow.Is it possible in qt??????

  • Exactly the same question from me.....

  • I tried to do this a couple years ago and there wasn't much support. There are a couple c++ libraries out there that have wrappers to read and write to an excel workbook but that's all that I know of.

    I ended up using a QTableView / QTableWidget and styled it enough to look like an excel document and using an active X control to write to the .xls files to output the proper data to the spreadsheet on a save action. Unfortunately its quite a bit of code for such a somewhat simple task (from my experience, the active x control io is hard to error check).

    Just looking around now though, this seems like a fairly new project that will allow you to do the xls file IO.

  • Wow... Hi...
    Thank you so much for your kindly contribution. But, do you still have something similar to open a PPT, a Word documentation, etc???


  • Hi, Zhang:

    It seems your open source reports a bug when I tried to build the library, I got

    bq. 1>GeneratedFiles\Debug\moc_xlsxdocument.cpp(62): error C2491: “QXlsx::Document::staticMetaObject” definition of dllimport static data member not allowed

    What happened to this variable?
    @const QMetaObject QXlsx::Document::staticMetaObject = {
    { &QObject::staticMetaObject,,
    qt_meta_data_QXlsx__Document, qt_static_metacall, 0, 0}

    Please let me know at your convenience.


  • Hi,

    In which way the library you used? If you are integrate the source code into your application directly, the following macro is needed.


    This macro will be defined automatically if your are using qmake. Otherwise you need to defined it yourself.

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