Last two weeks in Qt Creator: Question on GLSL

  • From Tobias' mail: Last two weeks in Qt Creator

    • The GLSL (Open GL Shader Language) editor is now keeping a abstract syntax tree up
      to date in real time. This is a important milestone, since we cqan now move code completion
      and source navigation over to using this AST.

    Can anyone elaborate more on the GLSL editor, some documentation on how to get there, how to use or some youtube video if already available

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    There is a "tutorial": on GLSL in Qt3D.

    Please note that the GLSL support in creator is still work in progress. It so far does not support inline GLSL (as used on that page), etc.

    Top start the editor, just put your GLSL code into a separate file ending in ".glsl" (or ".shader") for generic GLSL support, ".frag" (or ".fsh") for fragment shaders, ".vert" (or ".vsh") for vertex shaders.

  • thanks Tobias, will try this and revert if further questions :)

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