QtWebKit virtual keyboard problem

  • Hello, I've created a c++ class derived from QGraphicsWebView to make a simple web application. Now It's working fine but it has a big problem: when you click on a html5 input box QtWebKit does not handle the position of the webview that remains the same and the keyboard (in splitscreen mode) hides the input box avoiding user to see what he's writing, so the user has to set it automatically but this can't be done everytime because sometimes text input box are at the bottom of a page. Can anyone help to solve this problem?

  • No one can help me?

  • And what is happen when you use QWebView not QGraphicsWebView?

  • The same thing(I'm testing on symbian). I've tried to resolve this problem (manually adjusting the position of the view) with inputmethodevent but it's not working.

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