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[Solved] MS-DOS Prompt window that has all the environment variables correctly set up for Qt

  • Greetings.

    I am new to Qt and the use of various tools.

    I recently formatted my pc and reinstall Windows 7 and all my programs (including QtSDK).

    In the book 'C + + GUI Programming with Qt 4, Second Edition', in the first chapter, in the section explaining and building the "Hello Qt" there is a short paragraph which reads as follows:

    "If you are using Windows and Have installed the Qt Open Source Edition and the MinGW compiler, you will have a shortcut to an MS-DOS Prompt window That has all the environment variables set up for Qt Correctly".

    On the previous occasion on which you install the QtSDK, I could find the 'MS-DOS Prompt window', the problem is that I can not remember how to do it (not like it to appear, invoke, or where is the shortcut).

    I need that MS-DOS window because by it I built and ran my Qt applications manually (it was an alternative to using the QtCreator ... using the commands 'qmake-project', 'qmake miApp.pro' , ect.). Please, if anyone can tell me where it is at, I appreciate it highly.

  • In start menu in qt folder there should be Qt Command prompt.

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    SDK is different from standalone libraries + this book is mightily outdated right now. Anyway, you can use standard cmd in Windows (just click Start and type "cmd"), if you remember to set environment variables first (add <Qt installation dir>/bin to PATH, add <Qt installation dir> to QTDIR).

  • Actually, the SDK does indeed install such a thing. You can find it in the start menu under Qt SDK -> Desktop. There will be an entry for each of your installed Qt versions.

  • Thank you very much friend Andre ... MS-DOS window was right where you said, the exact name is:

    "Qt 4.8.1 for Desktop (MinGW)"

    Thanks to all three for helping.

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