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Distributing and building a source code with Qt.

  • I am developing a Free Software program and I want to know if is there any way to configure Qt library paths to build the program without using QtCreator.

    I believe that opens QtCreator and configure the "Target Setup" is not a good way to compile a Free Software. So what I want to do is distribute a software that to be compiled only needs some commands like ./configure && make. If there is a "Qt in Path" the Makefile generated by QtCreator probably will work. However if the Qt was installed using the binaries, I do not have any idea about what to do to set the Qt libraries path.

    Is there any easy/automated way to do that?

  • Qt projects generally use qmake, Qt Creator also uses qmake. So use qmake :)
    Another option, though a little more complicated, is to use cmake. Both qmake and cmake are equivalent to the classic "./configure" in autotools.

  • We try hard to make sure that everything you do inside creator is also possible on the command line.

    The complete building creator does is based on external tools (qmake, cmake, make, etc.). Check the build steps in Projects mode, they say exactly what commands they trigger. Just run the same commands on the command line and you will get the same results. This is assuming your command line environment is set up correctly, check the Build Environment for what Creator uses. Note that even if we claim to be using the system environment we do set certain environment variables, depending on which compiler is used, etc.

  • Thank you!

    I will try to use qmake and after I will post the results here.

  • It worked perfectly!!!!!!

    Thank you very much!!!

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