Qt Driver dll support Postgres

  • Hi, I have a problem moving a qt examples with postgres Db to another computer that does not have Qt, in the example and got the following libraries (libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll, mingwm10.dll, QtCore4.dll, QtGui4.dll, QtSql4 . dll qsqlpsql4.dll, libqsqlpsql4.a) which does not work sends me an error postgres driver support for Qt, I'm not sure I compiled the libraries using the following commands:
    set PATH =% PATH% C: \ postgresql8.4 \ include
    set PATH =% PATH% C: \ postgresql8.4 \ lib
    C: \ Qt \ 2010.04 \ qt \ src \ plugins \ sqldrivers \ psql> qmake-o Makefile "INCLUDEPATH + = c: \ PostgreSQL \ include " "LIBS + = C: \ PostgreSQL \ lib \ libpq.lib" psql.pro
    C: \ Qt \ 2010.04 \ qt \ src \ plugins \ sqldrivers \ psql> mingw32-make-f Makefile.Release
    And it works fine on a pc with qt and postgres installed and compiled
    As I can solve the problem, to take my example to another PC that does not have qt and successfully run.

  • I am not sure if I understood well, but I guess you have issue with SQL driver. By default Qt is lokingg for these files into the plugins dir. Read how-tos about application deployment. If I remenber correctly you can create directory called "plugins" within your project binary and place there the driver/plugin.

  • You need "Dependency Walker":http://www.dependencywalker.com/ .
    If I were to guess I'd say you need to distribute libpq.dll, libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll with your application.

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