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Cannot resize a QTableView widget inside an another window

  • Hi,

    I've got quite annoying problem. I've put a QTableView in a QWidget that works as an another window. The problem is that QTableView does not resize itself when I resize a window. Also, the window starts with its minimum geometry as if there was none of any layouts at all even though the QTableView is inside. So far, I tried to put QTableView in the one of the layouts: QGridLayout, QHBoxLayout etc. but it does not solve the problem. Am I doing something wrong here? I did not have such a problem before; all layouts with widgets worked great for me.

    Just in case I put the part of the code that is responsible for opening the window.

    @void MyApp::showTabulatedEvents() {
    const int maxRows = dbStoreToday.size();

    upcomingEventsForToday(); // ustaw liste dbStoreToday

    QWidget* tableWindow = new QWidget;
    QVBoxLayout* tableLay = new QVBoxLayout(tableWindow);
    tableWindow->setWindowTitle(trUtf8("Upcoming events for today"));
    QTableView* tableView = new QTableView;

    QStandardItemModel* model = new QStandardItemModel(5,dbStoreToday.size());
    for(int row = 0; row < maxRows; ++row) {
    model->setItem(row,0,new QStandardItem(dbStoreToday[row].imie));
    model->setItem(row,1,new QStandardItem(dbStoreToday[row].nazwisko));
    model->setItem(row,2,new QStandardItem(dbStoreToday[row].nazwa_wyd));
    model->setItem(row,3,new QStandardItem(dbStoreToday[row].data_wyd.toString()));
    model->setItem(row,4,new QStandardItem(tr("%1").arg(dbStoreToday[row].przypomnienie)));

    This is the window shape I can see when I show the QTableView

    !http://zebik.republika.pl/tableView.jpg(Table View)!

  • You forgot to set the layout on the widget:

  • I've put
    but it still does not work. I am really confused :/

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