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Support an application's own URL scheme from both the application and any web browser

  • Hi,

    I would like my cross-platform application (Windows, Linux and OS X) to support its own URL scheme (e.g. myapp://some.stuff/). Indeed, I have some HTML documentation which my users can access from both my application's website as well as from the application itself (using QtHelp and a QWebView widget). So, what I would like is that if I have a link, in my HTML documentation, which points to something like myapp://some.stuff/, then my application would handle that URL, no matter whether that link is opened from my application or some web browser.

    Any ideas?...

    Cheers, Alan.

  • It's called URL Protocol Handler.
    For windows it is easy done with the registry entry:

    You can also register URL Handlers under Gnome & KDE, have no idea about Mac.

  • Thanks AcerExtensa. I have since found out a bit more about what I am after (e.g. see and indeed it's dead easy on Windows, while there doesn't seem to be a simple solution as such on Linux and OS X.

  • There is no support in Qt for these things, but it seems that it is possible to register your own URLs or use the tag: url scheme for things like these. However, that is not Qt related.

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